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Developer Advocate


About Soda

At Soda, we’re on a mission to bring everyone closer to the data. We believe that all stakeholders in the data (and we think that’s everyone) should be able to understand it, trust it, and stay on top of it. We are pioneering the fastest-growing category in the data and analytics space, known as data observability. We allow teams to discover, prioritize, and collaboratively resolve data issues. Our integrated platform brings everyone closer to the data, resulting in data products and analytics that everyone can trust. We’re an international team, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and dispersed globally.

To further strengthen our team, we are looking for a: Developer Advocate

Who are we looking for?

The Soda engineering environment

At Soda we operate both public and private cloud deployments, all in a full CI/CD delivery model using Terraform to clouds (AWS, GCP and Azure).  We have a broad overview on how data is handled in different companies as our software runs as part of their data stack.  A big part of our software is open source so you’re invited to participate in that community.  We use AI/ML to automate monitoring, Java and Python on the backend and Angular on the frontend.  We encounter all modern data technologies like SQL, Snowflake, dbt, Spark, and Kafka.

As a Developer Advocate, you'll engage with the data community on social media, through blogs, meetups and conferences.  You are an engineer with a strong overview and background in data technologies like:

  • Snowflake, dbt, Spark, AWS Redshift, Presto, BigQuery, Dremio etc
  • Programming languages like Python, Scala and R
  • AWS, GCP, Azure

Your main responsibilities will be to:

  • Build developer relationships with members of the Soda community
  • Engage with the broader online data community in discussions on social media
  • Communicate complex ideas & strategic choices clearly and briefly
  • Communicate to folks with a variety of different backgrounds and experiences
  • Assimilate feedback and bring that into our product roadmap and strategy
  • Become a respected voice in the data engineering community
  • Continuously improve our community practices and procedures
  • Secure high impact speaking opportunities 
  • Identify key influencers in the data community, engage and build up relationships
  • Build up Q&A pages
  • Build clear examples, tutorials and prototypes
  • Contribute small fixes to Soda's codebases

What experience should you have?

  • You have a profound background as Software Engineer and you are familiar with the data landscape 
  • You are a creative and empathic communicator with an open mindset
  • You have a profound background in a mix of data technologies
  • You have the willingness to interact and become a respected voice in the community
  • You are eager to share your skills with the Soda team
  • You are eager to learn new skills in both technology and soft skills

Interested? Let's talk!

If you think you have the right knowledge, experience and passion to join our team, please get in touch. We’d love to meet you and explore if this could be the start of something great.  We offer the chance to be a part of our ambitious and enthusiastic team, working on a great solution to a big problem.

We have a strong technical team that loves to share knowledge and will help you to get started in each technology.  We have an open and transparent culture that allows you to be yourself, learn and excel.  To sweeten the deal, there is also an attractive and competitive compensation and benefits package.

If you like working with amazing technologies and building communities, don’t hesitate and apply now.