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At Soda, we’re on a mission to stop bad data disrupting good business. We believe that everyone should be able to share and use data they can trust. We're passionate about getting this right and enabling data teams to catch data issues as early as possible, and prevent any downstream impact. We know this first hand because we’ve been on data teams where we were in the dark with our data until it was too late. We spent many late nights firefighting issues, unable to use the data we were relying on.

This experience inspired us to build Soda, a data quality solution that allows teams to test, prevent, and quickly resolve data issues. Soda provides the transparency and ease data teams need to create trust — in each other, and in the data.

Soda Founders Maarten Masschelein and Tom Baeyens Signatures
Maarten Masschelein
+ Tom Baeyens
Soda Founders Maarten Masschelein and Tom Baeyens


Industry recognition, praise, and awards for Soda's new approach to data quality management.
Gartner Cool Vendor 2021
Gigaom Radar Report Data Quality Detection Outperformer
Technology Radar Tools to Assess Soda Core thoughtworks
Sifted Reports Europe's Rising 100
Eckerson Group Research Data Observability

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An early-stage fund investing in unconventional entrepreneurs globally.  Early backers in Deliveroo, Showpad, Peak Games, Gram Games, and Kraken.

Point Nine Capital

A Tier-1 European seed fund focused on B2B SaaS and B2B marketplaces. Early backers of Zendesk, Algolia, Contentful, Loom, and over 100 companies.


Singular is a generalist venture capital firm backing ambitious European entrepreneurs.

Prime Ventures

Prime Ventures invests in technology and leverages its capital, experience, and network to actively guide them into global category leaders.

Angel Investors

Soda is also backed by individual founders of Collibra, Looker, and Algolia.

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