Data ObservabilityAnomaly Detection Dashboards

Activate Soda's out-of-the-box, ML-driven dashboards to profile your data and provide automated insight into anomalies that cause downstream disaster.
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Soda Data Observability Check Coverage

Soda sets it up
for you.

Harness Soda's machine learning algorithm to automatically create checks for your datasets, ensuring continuous monitoring of key metrics.
  • Enable auto-profiling to produce automated checks.
  • Enjoy hands-off monitoring: run daily checks for anomalies.
  • Easily activate the dashboard for multiple datasets.
Soda Data Observability Auto-profiling

Cover the basics.

Get essential data quality coverage without extensive data wrangling.
  • Monitor anomalies in row volumes, timeliness, and schemas.
  • Access metrics for data completeness and calculated average.  
  • Minimize duplicates with machine-learned precision.
Soda Data Observability Checks Coverage

Get signals, not noise.

Apply Soda's "no noise" alert policy to your anomaly detection dashboard.
  • Customize alerts through an intuitive UI.
  • Be notified in Slack, MS Teams, or via email.
  • Alert the right people, at the right time.
Soda Data Observability Notification Alerts

Give it a spin
with your data.

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Soda gives us the end-to-end observability we need to be more confident about the data that is feeding our AI and ML powered digital engines.
Tiago Andrade
Head of Big Data & AI
Americanas S.A.
Soda provides transparency and confidence about the data. This keeps us ahead of the game offering future-proof financial investment services to our clients.
Martijn Spaan
Head of Data and Oversight
NN Investment Partners (NN IP)
Soda offers a highly intuitive environment where business and technical users can collaborate to tackle their data quality problems and address some of the main impediments of sustaining data quality programs.
Jason Medd
“Cool Vendors in Data Management”
Soda is a key part of our data architecture. It allows teams to align on quality expectations before data products go live.
Mario Konschake
Product Lead Data Platform
We have a shared belief in improving end-to-end data issue workflows so that data teams have the power to prioritize and resolve issues across an entire organization.
Niels Zeilemaker
We need a way to monitor the quality of our data sources: for this purpose we use Soda’s open source testing and monitoring tool to apply tests and metrics directly to operational data sources.
Alessandro Lollo
Senior Data Engineer
Cloud Academy