Soda tells you which data is worth fixing.

Soda doesn’t just monitor datasets and send meaningful alerts to the relevant teams. It identifies and prioritizes data issues that are causing your business the most damage, and walks you through a resolution workflow.

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Soda automatically finds potential issues in your data.
Soda looks for issues in your data in real-time. Whether that's small or large data, in the cloud or on-premise. Simply connect to the source and let us do the work.
Soda finds data issues through data monitoring.
Soda prioritizes the issues that are most business critical.
Not all issues are equal. Soda looks at data issues in the context of your business — people, processes, and products — so that you have a clear overview of what's most important.
Soda prioritizes issues that are most business critical.
Soda brings together the right people to resolve it.
Data owners, data engineers, and analytics teams get involved to adjust priority, identify the root cause and decide on the path forward. Some issues can't be fixed immediately, but many can.
Soda brings people together in a workflow to solve data issues.
Deploy in minutes.
Soda Enterprise deploys as a managed service in your VPC. It seamlessly connects to your data sources (without moving any data), and starts right away, before you even have to lift a finger.
"Soda provides us data quality indicators per dataset and data domain. Our data & analytics teams love it!"
Head of Data Platform
Financial Services Company
Data Quality Manifesto

Data Quality Manifesto

We believe that modern data teams require a new set of data quality principles.


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