🪄 Introducing Soda AI: A Leap Towards a GenAI-first Data Quality Platform
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Deliver data products that everyone can trust.

Build reliable data products and pipelines with Soda, the GenAI-first platform for data quality. Embed tests into your workflows and monitor data quality health any way you like–through out-of-the-box observability or declarative testing.
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🌟 Introducing Soda Library: Test Data Quality Anywhere in your Pipelines.
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Test and deliver data that everyone can trust. 

Embed declarative data quality checks in the data stack and systems your teams already use. Test data at multiple points in your CI/CD and data pipelines to prevent downstream data quality issues, ensuring that your colleagues have data products they can trust.
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Data observability.

Monitor data in production, raise alerts, and help debug data and pipelines to find the root cause as fast possible.
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Pipeline testing.

Test data as early as possible in your pipelines and CI/CD workflows, to avoid merging bad-quality data into production.
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No-code checks.

Empower business users to contribute to data quality and maintain standards with Soda AI assistants.
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Operational data quality.

Streamline data processes and route issue alerts to the appropriate data owners for swift resolution.

Integrate with the
tools in your stack.

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Azure Data Factory
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Power BI

Everyone gets a clear view of data quality.

Soda’s integrated platform makes it easy for everyone — data producers and consumers — to see the health and quality of your data: test results, trends, and critical issues.
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You’re in good company.

Over 100 organizations trust their data to Soda. Read some customer success stories.
American Family Insurance
Lending Tree
Loyalty NZ
NN Investment Partners
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Soda - A Game Changer for Data Quality and Governance

Soda has been a revelation for our data quality and governance needs. Our organization deals with vast amounts of data, and ensuring its accuracy and consistency is paramount. Soda has simplified this process immensely.

Walace M.
Financial Technology
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The ideal option to implement data quality at scale

Soda is a great option to implement data quality checks thanks to its user-friendly syntax (can be understood by a wid range of personas and not only data engineers) and wide range of built-in checks and metrics.

Mahdi K.
Computer Software
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Soda makes Data Quality easy to implement and execute with good end-user engagement

Soda Cloud is a nice and user-friendly interface to both interact with our data and ensure data quality. The Agreements are a big hit for us! It will take a lot of Jira work out of the picture, and let us focus on data quality.

Rune L.
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Soda for Data Validation is Efficient and Easy

We love the Soda API, Soda's integrations with other products, and the response time of the Soda team. This allows to make sure that every morning our analysts know the data is good to go for their analytics via a Slack integration.

Luis C.
Media & Entertainment
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Soda is one of the best Data Quality frameworks for structured data

I'm a big fan of how Soda, dbt tests, and the Soda Agent for AWS come together so seamlessly. Also Soda's custom tests give you the freedom to fine-tune your data quality process with ease.

Juan P.