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Announcing Soda SQL, open source data monitoring and testing for data engineers.
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Soda finds the data worth fixing.

Soda drives your data operations by identifying data issues, alerting the right people, and helping teams diagnose and resolve root causes. With automated and self-serve data monitoring capabilities, no data—or people—are ever left in the dark.
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Automated Monitoring

Get ahead of data issues quickly by delivering full observability through easy instrumentation across your data workloads.

Data Validation & Testing

Empower data teams to discover data issues that automation will miss. Self-service capabilities deliver the broad coverage that data monitoring needs.

Data Issue Management

Alert the right people at the right time to help teams across the business diagnose, prioritize, and fix data issues.

Secure Cloud Deployment

With Soda, your data never leaves your private cloud. Soda monitors data at the source and only stores metadata in your cloud.

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