Introducing Data Quality Agreements & Enhanced Self-Serve Capabilities in Soda Cloud
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Get ahead of
data issues.

Soda allows everyone on your data team to find, analyze, and resolve data issues. Our open-source tools and data observability platform bring everyone closer to the data, resulting in data products that you can trust.
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Monitor Data Health

Automatically monitor and manage the health of your data through anomaly detection and dashboards.
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Check Data As Code

Use a common language to check and manage data quality across all data sources, from ingestion to consumption.
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Align Expectations

Easily track data quality agreements made between domain teams to ensure that your data is fit for purpose.
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Resolve Incidents

Break down data silos by triaging, analyzing, and resolving data incidents using your favorite tools.

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Engineers, try out our open-source tools.

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American Family Insurance
Goldman Sachs
Soda provides transparency and confidence about the data. This keeps us ahead of the game offering future-proof financial investment services to our clients.
Martijn Spaan
Head of Data and Oversight
NN Investment Partners (NN IP)
We need a way to monitor the quality of our data sources: for this purpose we use Soda’s open source testing and monitoring tool to apply tests and metrics directly to operational data sources.
Alessandro Lollo
Senior Data Engineer
Cloud Academy
Soda is a key part of our data architecture. It allows teams to align on quality expectations before data products go live.
Mario Konschake
Product Lead Data Platform