Ensure good data quality in Dremio.

About Dremio

Dremio is an open data lakehouse. It was built to provide self-service SQL analytics on open-source technologies that both data engineers and data analysts can use to deliver mission-critical business intelligence on a data lake.

How Soda integrates with Dremio

The Dremio and Soda integration makes it easy for organizations to detect, resolve, and prevent data quality issues by running data quality checks on data before it is loaded into the lakehouse. Leverage the power of automated monitoring and anomaly detection to manage data quality across the stack and catch bad data before it has a downstream impact. Create incidents to track, manage, and resolve issues early so that every user can use and share reliable, trustworthy data.

Integrate Soda with Dremio to:

  • Test, validate, profile, and monitor data as code to ensure that it is, and remains, fit-for-purpose
  • Detect and resolve data issues at the dataset- or record-level
  • Reduce the risk and cost of ingesting data from multiple sources to a lakehouse
integration information coming soon!
Access docs to learn how this integration works with Soda and follow a step-by-step technical guide to get started.

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