Orchestrate data quality checks for reliable data pipelines with Prefect.

About Prefect

Prefect is a modern workflow orchestration tool for coordinating all of your data tools and creating powerful data pipelines so you can observe and orchestrate your ETL, ML, and data science dataflows. Prefect supercharges your workflows and helps you gain complete confidence with total oversight.

How Soda integrates with Prefect

Orchestrate and run data quality checks at any time in your Prefect data pipeline. Use checks to detect issues early, gain visibility into and across your pipelines, quarantine bad data and prevent it from contaminating your data pipelines and frustrating downstream consumers. This integration is an open source contribution from Alessandro Lollo, Senior Data Engineer at Cloud Academy, Inc.

Integrate Prefect with Soda to:

  • Orchestrate data quality checks
  • Configure alerts and check for anomalies and invalid, missing, or stale data
  • Increase data reliability
integration information coming soon!
Access docs to learn how this integration works with Soda and follow a step-by-step technical guide to get started.

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