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Soda Cloud provides end-to-end observability and control of all your data. Explore the features here, and then choose the licensing option that works best for your team.
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Automated Monitoring

Get full observability across all your data with Soda’s easy instrumentation, anomaly detection, and intelligent monitoring.
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Easy Instrumentation

Instrument datasets effortlessly across any data workload to observe and monitor how your data behaves over time.

Broad Observability

Automate data monitoring everywhere at scale and in depth, whether that’s in your warehouse or data lake.

Intelligent Alerting

Surface issues more precisely with smart anomaly detection. Soda starts detecting issues before you even build any rules.
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Testing & Validation

Increase and deepen your coverage. Soda makes it easy to test and validate your data against the business rules that matter to your organization.
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Share Knowledge

Break down data silos by crowdsourcing and centralizing the tacit knowledge of your analysts and SMEs.

Code-Based Testing

Deploy code-based testing to validate your transformation code commits. Manage version control and tests in Git.

Self-Service Validation

Make it easy for people to validate your data against the business rules that matter to your organization.
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Data Fitness

Make sure your data is always fit for purpose. Define what’s expected and what’s important for your business, and track that your data is up to the task.
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Define Expectations

Define what you need and expect from a business perspective: data timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and more.


Assign roles and responsibilities so that the right people are notified at the right time, and issues are resolved quickly.


Use dashboards to track the fitness of your data, and show you how well you’re delivering what the data consumers need.
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Break down data silos — and build trust in your data — by bringing the right people together to define what good data looks like, and to resolve issues.
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Alert the Right People

Make sure the right people get involved by setting alert preferences based on role, team or subject matter expertise.

Prevent Issues

Bring people together to diagnose the underlying issues impacting your data and causing problems downstream.

Prioritize & Resolve

Create a shared context — and a clear workflow — for prioritizing and resolving issues that matter to the business.

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