Soda Helping Organizations Build Their Data Dream Teams

Soda is helping build data dream teams.Soda is helping build data dream teams.Soda is helping build data dream teams.
Brussels, Belgium
November 4, 2021

Data observability company gathers global data leaders to launch new resource for organizations everywhere embracing the rise of the data team. 

Soda today announced the launch of Data Dream Team, a comprehensive new resource for organizations everywhere embracing the rise of the data team. Data Dream Team comprises a website featuring regular guides, training, guest opinion pieces, and a podcast hosted by data mentor and Managing Director of the Big Data Institute, Jesse Anderson. The resource offers seasoned guidance and best practice to organizations looking for the right blend of people, skills, and experience for their data teams.

Where data and analytics was once the preserve of IT departments with large teams built to deliver analytics to the business, the recognition of the value of data has seen the emergence of dedicated ‘data teams’ responsible for its management. This requires a shift in approach to align how organizations, teams, and people are structured around data, with new roles created, accountability shifted, siloes dismantled, and new channels of communication established. Data Dream Team combines expertise from a range of data professionals with Soda’s founding belief in the power of team, to shine a light on what a good, “dream”, data team looks like.

“It’s a hugely exciting time to be in data, with data teams now in the driving seat when it comes to shaping the future success of their organizations. But as the saying goes ‘teamwork makes the dream work’,” explained Maarten Masschelein, CEO and Co-Founder, Soda. “Which is why we’re delighted to launch Data Dream Team, a resource for all those organizations trying to find the right blend of roles, skill sets, and diversity within their data teams, and looking for clear guidance on how to foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration. We encourage anyone in the process of building their own data teams to listen, read, and learn from some of the most experienced data leaders in the business.”

At launch, Data Dream Team will feature: 

  • Building the Data Dream Team: the first in a series of guides co-written in partnership with Jesse Anderson, serial data author and educator on Big Data. Using football as an analogy, Jesse explores the fundamentals behind building a successful data team. Where do you begin and where should you invest first? What skills and strengths do you currently have in your team? 
  • Data Dream Team Podcast: available on all good podcast apps, a regular new podcast will feature Jesse talking to some of the most inspiring people in data to learn more about their data teams, their data careers, and life in general. The first episode will be an interview with self-professed ‘Evil Mad Scientist’ and all-round data legend, Paco Nathan.  
  • Data Team Training: this course will focus on how to organize data teams, how to manage data teams on a day-to-day and long-term basis and, how to fix underperforming data teams.
  • And a dinner with Roberto Martinez: Soda is proud of its Belgian roots and its famous football team, currently ranked as the number one in the FIFA world rankings. To celebrate both this and the launch of the Data Dream Team, Soda is offering one lucky winner an exclusive dinner with Roberto Martinez, Belgium’s manager.

Data Dream Team content can be accessed here. The Soda Slack Community can be joined here, where fellow dream teamers can access exclusive content, and connect with peers and expert contributors to discuss their own data dream teams.

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