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Soda Launches Inaugural Event, Soda Live, for Global OSS & Data Communities

Brussels, Belgium
April 27, 2021

Online broadcast will feature sessions from HelloFresh, Zalando and NN Investment Partners, Soda product demonstrations and customer showcase

As part of Soda’s ongoing commitment to supporting the global open source and data communities, the company today announced that it is welcoming data and open source leaders to its inaugural Soda Live event on 12th May. The event will feature panel sessions on the importance of data quality and the rise of open source, in addition to demonstrations of Soda's new observability platform and OSS developer tools.

Heads of Data from HelloFresh, NN Investment Partners (NN IP) and Zalando will join a panel discussion on the real-world implications of data quality in a session titled ‘Data Quality Comes of Age.’ The panellists will share their perspectives on the importance of data quality now that businesses are dependent on data to drive decisions, AI, machine learning and automated processes. Soda’s CEO, Maarten Masschelein, will moderate the session to discuss how these businesses are creating trusted, quality data across their organisations.

“Businesses that are reliant on complete and accurate data - and that is now most businesses - are searching for ways to ensure that data quality can be maintained across their organisations,” said Maarten Masschelein, CEO & Co-Founder, Soda. “Soda Live offers the chance for the global open source and data communities to learn from heads of data at cloud and digitally native businesses who are addressing these challenges right now. Broadcast online, attendees will hear first-hand how these businesses are using open source developer tools and observability platforms such as Soda Cloud to create a culture of data accountability and responsibility that flows up through their organisations.”

Launched in April, Soda Cloud solves the problem of discovering the silent data issues that are going undetected within organisations, firstly by giving data teams a platform to automatically monitor and score the health of data across core quality dimensions, and then by equipping data and analytics engineers with a way to test data each and every time it is transformed. In a dedicated session titled ‘A Refreshing Approach to Good Data: Introducing Soda Cloud’, Mathisse De Strooper from the Soda product team will show how the platform creates end-to-end observability so that data teams can discover, prioritize, and resolve the data issues worth fixing. Attendees will also see how the integrated platform enables collaboration every step of the way.

A second panel discussion moderated by Soda CTO, Tom Baeyens, with guest speakers from Amplify Partners, OSS Capital and Data Council, will address the open source business model in the data management space and its role in attracting broad data and analytics engineer/developer participation. Soda Live will also feature a deep dive into the company’s range of OSS developer tools, and a customer session showing how Soda has been implemented by NN IP.

Soda Live will be broadcast online on May 12th at both 4:00pm – 6:30pm CEST and 4:00pm – 6:30pm EDT. Those wishing to attend can register for access here.



Soda Launches Inaugural Event, Soda Live, for Global OSS & Data Communities