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With the shift to digital automation, businesses are rapidly adjusting the ways they use data to automate processes and create innovative products and services. The Snowflake Data Cloud gives businesses a way of uniting data to make it easily discoverable, securely shareable, and available for diverse analytic workloads. But a key challenge remains in validating the reliability of that data so that it is useful, relevant, and timely for the teams who need it, when they need it.

Improve Observability and Enhance Trust

Soda Dashboard

The partnership of Soda and Snowflake technology delivers enhanced trust and improved data observability to Data Cloud users. Soda’s data reliability tools and cloud observability platform provide data teams with a clear and comprehensive workflow to detect, analyze, and resolve data quality and reliability issues.

Using Soda, customers and partners on Snowflake gain a complete data quality workflow across the entire Data Cloud, from data ingestion to consumption. With these workflows, data teams can make trusted data available 24/7, and get ahead of data issues before they have a downstream impact on the business.

Use Soda’s data observability platform in the Data Cloud to:

  • Execute dataset and record-level quality checks
  • Create and track data quality incidents to streamline issue resolution and decrease data downtime
  • Access health dashboards to get at-a-glance visibility into dataset health
  • Establish data quality agreements to ensure that data is, and remains, fit-for-purpose
  • Reduce the risk and cost of migrating data from its source to the Data Cloud

Delivering Seamless Data Collaboration

Soda Agreements Between Teams

As the number of sources and types of data that businesses accumulate continues to expand in volume and complexity - first-party data generated in-house, second-party data produced from collaborations, third-party data acquired externally - uniting and sharing good-quality data gives businesses the ability to maximize its value.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud paves the path for efficiently and securely gathering and sharing data across an entire business ecosystem. Coupled with Soda’s self-serve ability to create data reliability agreements, data providers and consumers can clearly articulate the quality expectations for data products as they are created, and as they evolve as trusted sources of truth. Set expectations that stipulate the freshness, accuracy, and completeness of data products so that consumers can rely on the data they are working with, and data product teams can get alerts about quality issues that they can quickly investigate and address.

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