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The Soda data quality platform provides modern data teams with user-driven workflows to prevent, detect, and resolve data quality issues. Using automated and user-defined checks, anomaly detection, data contracts and agreements, rules-based alerting, incident management, and issue resolution, you can make sure that your data is complete, timely, and fit-for-purpose.
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Your journey to reliable data begins now. For the next 14 days, you’ll have access to the Soda Cloud data quality platform where you can write agreements to define data quality expectations, run checks on the data that is critical to your business, and collaborate with your team to analyze and resolve data quality issues.

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We’ve designed an experience that will give you a taste of how Soda empowers and incentivizes everyone in your organization to share and use reliable, high-quality data. We think it’s awesome and we hope you will too!

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Soda is an enterprise-grade platform that powers data quality management for organizations that are the best in the business. We help smart organizations tackle an age-old problem with a modern, user-first approach to becoming truly and reliably data-driven.
American Family Insurance
Goldman Sachs
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We’re here for you and your data.

The Soda platform is built for teams who want to decentralize data, increase trust and integrity using tried-and-true, best-in-class data management principles. The platform is a part of the modern data stack and integrates with your preferred tools and technologies: data sources, orchestration tools, metadata managers, messaging and ticketing applications, dashboards, and infrastructure tools.

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