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Soda provides data teams with a scalable, easy way to test data quality. For the next 45 days, you’ll have full access to Soda – including SodaGPT, the first generative AI for data quality. Now is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your critical business data is tested and trustworthy.
Ready, Test, Go!
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The time is now for data you can trust.

Your journey to good-quality, reliable data begins now! For the next 45 days, you’ll have full access to Soda, which you can use to embed declarative data quality checks to detect and resolve data quality issues in the data stack and systems that your teams already use.

You’ll be able to run checks on the data that is critical to your business and collaborate with your team to analyze and resolve data quality issues. 

  1. Test data in development. Add data quality tests to your CI/CD pipeline to avoid merging bad-quality data into production.
  2. Test data in your pipeline. Embed Soda data quality tests in your Airflow pipeline.
  3. Self-serve data testing. Enable users across your organization to serve themselves when it comes to testing data quality. 

We’ve designed an experience that will give you a taste of how Soda empowers data engineers to test and deliver data that everyone can trust. We think it’s awesome and we hope you will too!

You’re in safe hands and good company.

Soda is enterprise-ready. With SOC-II Type II certification, Soda is governed by industry-leading standards for security, compliance, and privacy to ensure that our internal controls, systems, and policies meet and exceed the standards of our customers and users worldwide.

We power data quality data management for organizations that are the best in the business. 
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We’re here for you and your data.

Soda is built for teams who want to decentralize data, increase trust and integrity using tried-and-true data engineering principles. As part of the modern data stack, the Soda platform integrates with your preferred tools and technologies: data sources, orchestration tools, metadata management, messaging and ticketing applications, dashboards, and infrastructure tools.

There’s a lot to discover. It’s time to get started.

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