Revenue Operations (RevOps) Specialist

Berlin, Germany

About Soda

At Soda, we’re on a mission to bring everyone closer to the data. We believe that all stakeholders in the data (and we think that’s everyone) should be able to understand it, trust it, and stay on top of it. We are pioneering the fastest-growing category in the data and analytics space, known as data observability. We allow teams to discover, prioritize, and collaboratively resolve data issues. Our integrated platform brings everyone closer to the data, resulting in data products and analytics that everyone can trust.

We’re an international team, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and dispersed globally.  We are looking to locate this role near our Head of Operations in Berlin.

To further strengthen our team, we are looking for a: Revenue Operations (RevOps) Specialist

Who are we looking for?

Someone, probably earlier in their career, who loves the challenge of thinking in systems and processes, and who would get a kick out of optimising the ways in which we go to market as we scale.

As RevOps Specialist, you'll work alongside our Head of Operations in a role designed to support our Sales, Customer Engineering, and Marketing teams, through process design & management, analytics & reporting, systems management, and supporting deal desk work.  This is going to be a broad and exciting job, so we have split out the main areas of work into areas below.

For prospective customers:

  • Assist with organising and cataloguing data from live prospects and customers
  • Provide support in RFP processes, both directly and by creating systems to answer them more efficiently
  • Help close deals as the operational specialist in our deal desk (creating quotes, reviewing documentation, submitting information to purchasing, etc.)
  • Keep an eye on trial activity

For existing customers:

  • Support efficient, process-driven customer onboarding and training
  • Follow-up to ensure no customers are falling through the cracks (ensure QBRs are scheduled with account managers, customer health scores are kept up to date by customer engineers, etc.)
  • Monitor customer consumption and ensure license settings for each customer are correct and up-to-date
  • Maintain our records and reporting on customers, and ARR

Across the business:

  • Track pipeline creation, completeness and quality of our sales data
  • Report on all important go-to-market metrics, including the monthly summary to the whole company
  • Propose any process improvements you can spot!
  • Run analyses to respond to analytics questions from across the business

Job requirements

  • An eye for process - designing new ones, finding improvements to existing ones - in a pragmatic way
  • Strong analytical skills - near-expert-level use of Excel, familiarity with reporting and querying in tools such as Salesforce.  A bonus would be some familiarity with SQL (so as to write Snowflake queries), but if this isn't you right now, we're happy to teach someone with the right quant fundamentals.
  • Excellence in planning and organisation; and a similar excellence in prioritisation
  • Upfrontness - a willing to engage with (and sometimes chase) people, especially when those people might be senior
  • Credible in front of customers when interacting with them
  • Excellence in written communication and reading; ability to process long documents and pick up the key points

Interested? Let’s talk!

If you think you have the right knowledge, experience, and passion to join our team, please get in touch. We’d love to meet you and explore if this could be the right fit and the start of something wonderful.

We’re offering the chance to be a part of our ambitions and enthusiastic team, working on a great solution to a big problem. We have an open and transparent culture that allows you to be yourself, learn, and excel. We also believe in enabling you to perform to the best of your abilities: we offer attractive and competitive compensation, a great benefits package, and education and learning possibilities so that you can keep growing.

If you like working with amazing technologies and building communities, don’t hesitate and apply now.